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RHB Outsourcing Ltd was founded in 2012 with a long-term vision. To add real-time value to every business we work with by providing a full-service call center solution for our clients, including inbound call handling, outbound telesales, telemarketing and fulfilment services.

Our clients range from global blue-chip companies through to leading SMEs based in Europe, Australia, Canada and USA. The service we deliver combines high quality and knowledgeable agent teams, unprecedented flexibility to up or downscale campaigns and a commitment to exceed client expectations on every project we undertake.

Call Center Services for Forward-Thinking Businesses

By starting RHB Outsourcing Ltd , founder Mr Rikesh Ballah made a conscious decision to move away from traditional call center techniques - namely script-led agents whose brief was quantity over quality.

Placing RHB Outsourcing Ltd in the niche space between the simple answering service and the impersonal 500+ seat call center, they were large enough to attract businesses of all sizes with demanding, high volume campaigns yet small and creative enough to offer a bespoke, personal service to every client.

Quality of Service

Our 'raison d'être' is centered on quality of service. We're responsible for ensuring every agent understands your business and has an appreciation of your brand, values and principles.

This way, we have the ability to act as a fully trained department of your business to offer your customers an immediate, knowledgeable and concise response.

What we do is governed by educating our agents on each individual business and not simply giving them generic scripts to read. In this way, we immerse ourselves into your corporate mindset. By doing this, we focus on the development of your business whether you're a start-up or a blue-chip brand. Additionally, by having manageable client numbers, the quality of our service is never diluted by trying to hit pre-determined call numbers at the expense of a completely satisfied clientele.

A First-Class Business With First-Class Staff

We have established a reputation as a call center that continues to deliver a first-class product, meaning our clients will benefit from increased sales, productivity and brand awareness.

Our pricing structure is competitive and we offer value for money that can be measured in real terms - real increases in sales, real increases in profitability and real increases in productivity.

We are located in bustling Cyber City with state of the art infrastructure in Mauritius. Surrounded by shops, bars, restaurants and excellent transport links, we attract and retain an outstanding calibre of employee and consequently, staff turnover is substantially lower than the industry average.

From the management team down, RHB Outsourcing Ltd is committed to growing your business through the provision of class-leading call and contact center services.

Professional Bodies

  • Call Center Network UK
  • HRDC Mauritius
  • MQA
  • BPO Outsource